Agency History

Ruggeri Real Estate was originally started as Alphonse A. Ruggeri Real Estate & Insurance back in the 1930’s. Al Ruggeri was an active real estate broker and his children worked under his brokerage license throughout the years. The seventh grandchild of Al returned to Western Mass in 2006, took a real estate class and passed the test to become licensed as a salesperson.

Joseph Ruggeri started real estate and his father Michael Ruggeri (son of Alphonse) re-activated his license to allow Joe to begin his journey. After 2 years of working as a salesperson, Joe took additional classes and passed another test to achieve a brokers license from the state of Massachusetts.

The property at 82 Federal St. is still the location for Ruggeri Real Estate. The building was an old mechanic garage that Al Ruggeri renovated, and grew his real estate reputation... a reputation that Joseph Ruggeri respects and cherishes, and works hard to continue with the real estate clients of his generation.