Joseph Ruggeri

Joseph Ruggeri was born in Greenfield Mass, grew up in Deerfield for first 15 years, went to Old Deerfield Grammer School, Eaglebrook, moved to Highland Ave, Greenfield where he went to GHS, NHM, GHS, then Umass for dual enrollment and then graduated from GHS. He then went on to earn a B.B.A Bachelors of Business Administration at the Isenberg School of Managment at the University of Massachusetts in 2000. Joseph was the student speaker for his ISOM graduating class ceremony at the Umass Fine Art Center.

Since then, he was hired immediatly from College to work as a Marketing Director of New Business for a marketing agency in New Orleans, LA. He has since lived in Dallas, TX, New Orleans again, and then moved back to Massachusetts in 2006.

Joe never rented or owned a place in Boston, but he dated a wonderful girl who lived in the North End. He later married her in 2010 and Joseph and Taffy currently are raising their two children. Sofia born in 2011 and Anthony born in 2013.

To be continued...